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Choosing propane is often about reliability. You don’t want a storm leaving you without the ability to cook or take a hot shower. We have the resources to make propane an affordable, reliable energy source for your whole house needs.

Residential Installations Include:

  • No installation fees
  • 25 ft of gas line provided free
  • Keep full or Will Call deliveries
  • Computer & metered delivery tickets
  • Fast, friendly, & dependable service
  • Certified technicians & delivery staff

We offer the following Seasonal Pricing Options

For your convenience, we offer a “Keep Full” delivery option. This option allows us to fill your tank as needed throughout the season. To take advantage of this option, you must have approved credit prior to starting this service. You must also have a clear balance within 30 days of delivery or before your next fill, whichever comes first. If your account is not clear prior to delivery, your account will automatically be switched to a “Will Call” account, and payment will be due upon delivery.


Another delivery option available is our “Will Call” method. With this option, you control when your delivery takes place by notifying our office before your tank is no lower than 20% full. This notification allows us time to deliver before running out becomes a concern.


Our “Cash On Delivery” payment option requires payment at the time of delivery. You may pre-pay at our office, online, or make arrangements to pay our driver at the time of delivery.

*We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express for payment (1% fee for use)

Option 1 locks your price for the heating season. A minimum of 600 gallons must be pre-purchased to qualify for this option. If prices drop below the pre-buy price, you will not receive the lower price until all the pre-buy gallons have been delivered. Pre-paid propane will be delivered as needed until the gallons are depleted. If you do not pre-buy enough propane, your remaining deliveries will be delivered at the regular retail price. If you pre-buy more propane than what is delivered, you will have a dollar credit on your account (not gallons). After April 30th each year you may receive a refund by calling our office at 517-852-9210. We will do your best to make sure your tank is full by the end of this contract. However, your tank must be able to hold the minimum delivery of 200 gallons. If you choose to pre-buy your propane, we will automatically put your account on a Keep-Full delivery schedule for as long as you have a credit balance on your account. Please keep in mind that if you have pre-bought your fuel and choose to be a “Will Call” customer (see above), any emergency delivery would include a delivery charge.


Option 2 caps your price for the heating season. If fuel costs increase, your price is capped. If fuel costs decrease, you will pay the lower price. There is a non-refundable fee to join this program. Maximum price cap is 3,000 gallons.


Option 3 will lock your price at a fixed level during the term of this agreement. All propane budget customers must have an approved credit application on file and keep monthly payments current to receive this protection. If monthly payments are not received by the 15th of each month, deliveries will be discontinued and the account will revert to regular retail pricing on future deliveries. If you choose this option, you will receive a propane budget letter with full details and a monthly payment amount. This is the only Budget program available for propane customers.

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