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Propane Pricing

Because propane is a byproduct of natural gas processing and sometimes crude oil refining, the price of propane falls between those two commodities.

Seasonal Demand

Millions of people at home and around the world use propane gas at home, work, on the go, on farms and anywhere they need clean, reliable power. It is also a great partner with other energy sources such as grid power and on-site solar power. That’s why we call it Propane: Energy for Everyone™. The US government forecasts that energy costs of all kinds could rise this winter. As temperatures drop, roads freeze, and demand for propane and other heating energies soars, prices tend to rise, leading to longer wait times. Propane offers a unique opportunity to buy in advance. Contact your propane supplier today to lock in the price and keep your family safe and warm during the winter months. Act now to avoid the additional costs and safety risks associated with running out of fuel.

Info Gathered From propane.com

Check out the Propane Education & Research Council website for more information.

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